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Jumbled Thoughts On Trayvon Martin’s Unfinished Legacy

Posted by Chris Bowen on July 20, 2013

The verdict came down late last Saturday night: George Zimmerman is not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin. In the sense of the law, it was the right decision. If I sound depressed in saying that, it’s because the whole case is depressing. It really doesn’t matter which side of the partisan divide you sit on, or what your opinion on Zimmerman or Martin are. If you’re sympathetic to Zimmerman, you see a kid that would be alive if he didn’t fight the guy and force him to stand his ground, and why was he dressed like “that”? If you’re sympathetic to Martin, you see a rejected mall cop who decided to chase down and attack a teenage boy largely because he “looked” like a thug – being black and hooded and all – and ended up shooting him when he started losing a fair fight.

I haven’t been following the case as voraciously as some, but I’m obviously more sympathetic to the unarmed teenager with the Skittles than I am to the idiot with delusions of grandeur. But it’s not depressing for any of those reasons. It’s depressing because a kid was needlessly gunned down, weather the defendant was pronounced innocent or not1. It’s depressing because of how people are reacting. It’s depressing because of how we expect certain others to react. And it’s depressing that all of the introspection – what little is going on – is going to get drowned out by the next big scandal, nothing will change, and by most accounts, Trayvon Martin will have died completely in vain.

The most depressing thing about this whole issue is that it made the participants largely irrelevant while shoving so many issues with America, and Americans, to the forefront, begging to be looked at, and yet no one seems to be looking at the real issues. Read the rest of this entry »

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