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About The Bus

There is little I do that is less comfortable to me than play up my accomplishments and make myself look good; there’s a reason I don’t write resumes for a living. With that said, there is a reason I should – namely, people need to read why they should listen to what I have to say – so here goes…

* My main career is in the IT field, as a network security engineer. My thoughts and opinions do not reflect in any way on the company or companies I either work or have worked with. Simply put, it pays the bills and I’m good at it.

* I am also an on-ice hockey official. Simply calling me a referee is simplistic, as I am a linesman in higher level hockey. I have worked everything from youth hockey up to lower level professional leagues and college hockey. I am, as of this writing, the Director of Referee Development for the Connecticut Officiating Program’s Northwestern chapter.

* I am – or more specifically, was – a professional writer about video games and the gaming industry, having started in 2001 writing reviews for SNESZone, and moving on to Not A True Ending, Diehard GameFAN, and DailyGamesNews. I am the Editor in Chief of Gaming Bus, which was a full-out news site before I made it a blog. My games writing is slowing down significantly as I become more jaded with the industry.

* In 2011, on my 31st birthday, I came out as a sexual assault survivor from my childhood. I have parlayed that into charity support for groups such as RAINN.

* I am politically involved, despite having literally no formal training on anything. My formal education stopped when I graduated high school in 1999, and I went to a state school so it’s not hard to guess the quality of my education in that department (despite the best efforts of some amazing teachers), so everything I know is more or less self taught.