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Ansonia Complains About Methadone Clinic In Classic NIMBY Case

Posted by Chris Bowen on May 30, 2012

A company is once again on the road to bringing in a methadone clinic into Ansonia, even if their landlord hasn’t heard until now:

John Hamilton, the CEO of Recovery Network of Programs, stood in the lobby of 158 Main St. last week and detailed his plans to bring a methadone clinic to the downtown office building.

Hamilton envisions treating about 285 Valley residents who are recovering from addictions to heroin and prescription pills at a clinic on the first floor of the building.

But while Hamilton spreads the word about the company’s planned expansion to Ansonia, the owner of the building said he hasn’t heard from Recovery Network of Programs since 2010.

Tonino Mavuli, the building’s landlord, said he has even leased out some of the space Hamilton planned to use.

Of course, anytime you mention the word “drug”, unless it’s attached to a CVS or a Walgreens, residents don’t want to hear it.

Although Hamilton has not signed a lease yet, or sent any formal application to the city, his plans for the building have been circulation among downtown vendors — some who say they are not happy to be calling a drug clinic a neighbor.

The city has been trying to attract new businesses. In the last few years, popular restaurants like Crave and The Original Antonio’s have opened to large crowds.

Lanza’s, another restaurant, is on East Main Street. A new coffee shop and a cigar shop opened on Main Street as well.

The drug clinic doesn’t fit in well, merchants said.

This is as classic a NIMBY case as there is. “Yeah, I guess they need help, sure… but not Main street! Oh heavens to Betsy, what will the neighbours think!?”. What I don’t get is this: is this clinic just going to have a bunch of crackheads wandering around, pissing themselves while scratching for a fix? The people in these clinics want to get better, and with drugs like this, I’m fairly sure you can’t come off them cold turkey. Yes, Griffin Hospital would be a more apt location for this type of building, but they have the right to go wherever they want.

Granted, the landowner has the right to reject the business from being a tenant. Bit it would be a shame if they did it because of the selfish complaints of a few scared people.