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Educatin’ On The Mind

Posted by Chris Bowen on September 11, 2012

As anyone who knows my dealings in local politics can attest, education is my cause celebre, an ironic statement considering the fact I was a poor student in school myself. Today, education news and tidbits hit me across the bow throughout my day.

The first one was an interview I was listening to on WICC in my never-ending quest to try to avoid the endless meandering about the NFL that comes from every Monday in the autumn. It was Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch, once again making his point for an appointed Board of Education in Bridgeport during an interview by Mike Bellamy, something he attempted this year until the State’s Supreme Court ruled it was illegal to do that. I didn’t hear the whole interview, but the gist of Finch’s point: democracy is hard! To summarize: the minority party system (read: you can’t just have a bunch of Democrats. Derby has the same setup, you can’t have, I believe, more than two Democrats than Republicans, meaning 5-3 is good but 6-3 is bad) is bad because it’s not-democratic, but that’s OK because democracy doesn’t work anyway as Bridgeport’s voters are too stupid to know quite what the Board of Ed does, only voting for them every four years. And hell, if Finch appoints focused (read: Democrat) people to get politics out of the way, the CHILDREN~~~ benefit! If not for those evil Republicans, who the voters spoke about! Why not just be like Chicago! If the people don’t like how the schools are doing, just vote the Mayor out!

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